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Rhio is one of a kind. When she sings, you know it's her.

Rhio is one of the most talented, exciting and versatile performers on the scene today. Although she is currently passionate about jazz, she also loves pop, rock, Latin and blues. Once you hear her voice and style, you will remember it, because it is sultry and captivating.


Her interest in show business began at the tender age of 7 when she put on shows for the kids in the neighborhood, however she was delayed a little in high school when the head of the music department told her she could NOT sing!  Luckily a few years later she met a man who persuaded her to try again, and she has been singing ever since!

Her background is unique. Her mother is Cuban, and her father Hungarian. While growing up in California she was exposed to the music and language of the Latin, and European worlds, along with the music of America.

Rhio has been heard singing on countless commercials aired on radio and television. In a 2014 movie called The Last of Robin Hood, Rhio sings the song Some Say, in a sequence where it comes on over the car radio.

Rhio released her first Jazz album entitled Sunshine Girl, in 2017. Her 2nd jazz album, entitled A Rhio Good Thing, features 10 songs. Four of the songs are originals, written by her long-time partner, writer and producer, Leigh Crizoe. The other songs are from the Great American Song Book.


Rhio has that special hypnotic quality in her voice and personality, and in the record business that spells “HIT.”

Rhio .  .  .  .  truly unique!

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